The past few months have seen me traveling into rural communities in the Midwest, Wheatbelt and Southwest areas of Western Australia.  It has also seen me working more with teenagers.  My hat goes off to high school teachers, as I find reaching and teaching teens is really Risking on Purpose.

It has highlighted for me more than ever the need for teaching teens Protective Behaviours and has especially emphasized the importance of the second Theme, “We can talk with someone about anything.”  When brainstorming what the ‘anything’ could be, a reoccurring theme was the power of internet media such as Facebook and other social media. Teens have demonstrated en masse a total lack of understanding about the internet being a public place and also the inherent dangers of accepting just anybody as a friend in this way.  One student who lives in a small Southwest town had 576 friends, and he didn’t see anything wrong with it – in fact he was quite proud of it, - it’s all about the numbers and who had the most friends.  I found most of the teens did not have their parents or other close adult family members as friends on their Facebook pages. 

I also brought up the topic of sexting, most of the students didn’t think that they could get into trouble with this if they didn’t actually take the photo. They were not aware that the act of forwarding the photo was where the trouble starts.  Most of them seemed to also believe that if there was consent on behalf of the person who was photographed then it was alright.  They had little understanding that the transmitting of material that could be classified pornographic is against the law and punishable.

When running the parent workshops most parents were unaware of the many dangers of social media, many not having their own Facebook pages, and having little understanding of how they actually operate.  I spoke to them about the free internet filter K9 to stop some of the pornography that is being hidden in some sites. Also I spoke on the importance of having computers in public places in their homes. Nothing will stop all the dangers lurking in Cyber Space, but there are plenty of measures that can be put into place to minimize danger to their children.  I also emphasised the importance of the second Theme and encouraged them to speak openly and often to their teens.  Most schools I’m proud to say have committed to providing further and on-going education for parents to keep up with the ever-changing world that their children are being forced to be a part of.   


Globe Good Foundation has just launched an international education campaign aimed at children.  The campaign is called, 'Minute of Noise', and it involves schools, companies and organisations getting together and making one minute of noise to encourage kids to speak out about domestic violence. This is done in a very age appropriate way, and the aim is not to upset or scare anyone, but rather to empower children and make them feel safer. It provides an ‘okay’ time to break the silence. The program is supported by a number of celebrities, including Vanessa Amorosi, Paulini and Bobby Andonov.

GGF goes into schools on a date chosen by them, gives an introduction, then children involved with the campaign are asked to make a minute of noise as loud as they can, to support fellow students and let them know that it is ok to speak out. This can be done through clapping, cheering, yelling or something more creative. Here is an example of what can be achieved.


Do you know someone who has made an outstanding contribution in the lives of WA’s children?  Please see below.

Hello Holly,
Nice to hear from you.
Please find below the information regarding this year’s WA Children’s Week Awards – I would be grateful if you could circle through your networks.
We are very pleased to announce the opening of the 2011 Children’s Week Awards for Western Australia.

The awards celebrate children’s artwork and identify groups of children across Western Australia who has shown generosity, compassion and a strong sense of spirit, so we can say thank you and reward them for their efforts.

The Awards also recognise adults and services or projects that have made an outstanding contribution to improving opportunities for Western Australian children (aged 3-12 years), families or the community.

This year award nominations can be completed online on the new Children’s Week website at

There are great prizes to be won and everyone who nominates goes in the draw to win a family holiday.  I have attached art award and communities award also for information.

Nominations for the Children’s Week Awards close on the 19th September 2011.

Look forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss.
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Classroom Mentoring is also available for more detailed and practical training for teachers.

Parent Workshop is a two hour session packed with fantastic ideas for parents to begin practicing pro-active behaviour and language with their children at home.

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