Happy New Year everyone. 

2013 is off to a great start with the Australian Government announcing the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Australia's Institutions.
There will be a great deal of publicity surrounding the Royal Commission and I hope this will bring to the forefront the importance of teaching Abuse Prevention Education, in schools and childcare centres and equally as important in children’s own homes. 

On the same day our Government announced the terms of reference for the Royal Commission, a report was released in the United Kingdom about the heinous crimes Jimmy Savile committed against children over a 50 year span.  I’m hoping that the UK will follow the Australian Government’s lead and call for a Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.

In the United States of America five states have passed Erin's Law, which was named after an amazing young Illinois woman, Erin Merryn, who was abused as a young child by a teenage family member. She turned her horrific experiences into a crusade to promote child sexual abuse awareness and education for children as part of their primary and secondary education.  Erin is working tirelessly, lobbying Senators to have the Law passed in every state in the USA. 

We are fortunate in Australia, that each state has education curricula in place, but we need to have a National Campaign to educate the whole Nation about these crimes committed against children and we need to make sure Abuse Prevention Education is being taught in all of our schools and childcare centres.

With the school year approaching, I would encourage every parent to go to their child’s school and ask if their child will be learning Abuse Prevention Education this year. Will the school be running parent workshops to help parents support the school educational program?  If the answer is no, then approach your school P&C to have them push for this vital program.  It is only by working together as a community, can we start to make Australia a safe place for all children to grow.

Please take the time to watch this short clip of Erin’s journey.

I received this email from the International President of  BACA, who lives in the USA, that attended my presentation at the Australian AGM in October.

Dear Holly-ann,

I'd like to re-iterate in writing how impressed I was with your presentation for B.A.C.A. in WA. Traveling extensively to work with and present our organization I have been fortunate to have attended many similar seminars all over the U.S., Italy and even South Africa. Your presentation, my first in Australia, is by far the most complete, on-the-mark and easy to understand that I have heard to date. Not that the other seminars were bad, they just lack the connection you make with your audience.  Using terms and descriptions easily understood by the layman (like me) and not as clinical like I've heard so many times before. Most importantly, I'm sure your presentations are understood and absorbed easily by the children who are in most need of the education you deliver. The pleasure of our meeting was all mine and please, keep doing the great job you do!

Warmest regards,

Chris J. Mayser
aka Kickstand
International President
Bikers Against Child Abuse
"No child deserves to live in fear"

I am excited about being invited to be a Keynote speaker at the No2 Bullying Conference.

The 2013 No 2 Bullying Conference will be held at the Outrigger Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th May.  It is proudly hosted by the "not for profit" Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association Inc.
You will have the opportunity to hear the thoughts of leaders, practitioners, academics, researchers and educators whilst conference streams will address School, Cyber and Workplace Bullying.
Please visit the conference website for more information.  http://www.no2bullying.org.au/  

Product of the Month:

These books are an invaluable safety resource and provide powerful educational tools for children of all ages and cultures. At the end of these books there are resource pages for adults, which include specific information on how to deal with many things, including receiving a disclosure from a child.

Parents Helping Handbook
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Parents and Carers Helping Handbook
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Safe4Kids Training Programs

Holly-ann provides specialised training for teachers, childcare educators and parents to provide them with skills and practical ideas for teaching Protective Behaviours to children. You can begin to implement this program in your school, childcare centre or home with a basic training workshop - in two hours you can gain enough knowledge to immediately start teaching your children and begin modeling the language, concepts and strategies of Abuse Prevention Education.

The One Day Training explores in depth the themes, concepts and strategies of Protective Behaviour education. This training covers all of the Protective Behaviour modules, including Secret Enablers, Saying "No", Three Safety Questions and Public and Private. It is a complete program providing tools and resources which can be integrated into any curricula, and for any time frame. It brings an awareness of the terminology necessary to give children a voice to help protect them and keep them safe.

Basic Training for Teachers is a two hour professional development covering the concepts and strategies of Protective Behaviour education.  Teachers are walked through a ten week lesson plan which also covers how to integrate Protective Behaviours education into every learning area. 

Classroom Mentoring is provided to insure teachers feel comfortable with the content of Protective Behaviours Education.  It was developed out of necessity after observing that some teachers were not confident to teach Protective Behaviours, or found the content more confrontational than expected.  Holly-ann goes into classes and models the lessons given to the teachers in the training session.  This has proven to be a very successful model for improving the uptake of the program in schools.

Basic Training for Childcare Educators is a two hour workshop teaching educators how to teach Protective Behaviours to very young children.  Abuse prevention needs to start at a young age, and Holly-ann has developed a hands-on approach with lesson plans for this age group. 

The Parent Workshop is an informative two hour session on Protective Behaviours, detailing what Protective Behaviour education is, the need for it, how and why it should be taught to their children,.  There is a focus on developing a common family language around child abuse prevention. Parents are encouraged to learn to listen to their children, use the correct anatomical names for private body parts and teach their children to persist in seeking help if they feel unsafe or if something bad is happening or has happened to them.  It is imperative that parents know what their children are learning so that they can support the program at home. 

Holly-ann is also available for customised in-house training and consulting by request.
If you would like more information about training, or would like to engage Holly-ann as a speaker at your event, please contact her directly at holly-ann@safe4kids.com.au