What an amazing month I’ve had.  Sorry there wasn’t a newsletter last month but I have been training all over this beautiful state of ours.  From Yerlerin, Babakin, Katanning, Narrogin, Wickepin, Wagin and Corrigin in the south to Ngalapita and Wangkatjungka in the Kimberley.  With so many highlights it would be impossible to mention them all.

Up there would have had to have been the performance of the students from Ngalapita for the Minister of Education and her entourage.  They all sang and signed the, “Everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time,” song.  I had tears in my eyes as it looked so beautiful, they did a great job.  I was so proud, I had only taught that song to them the day before.

Also, getting 27 women to the women’s workshop and 20 men to the men’s workshop in Wangkatjungka was an amazing experience. Having both groups speak so openly and encouragingly about their children learning Protective Behaviours was very humbling.  According to the census there are 157 people living in Wangkatjungka of which 80 are children at the school, so I spoke to most of the community.

Teachers all over the state are loving the, “Stop it. I don’t like it when you …” lesson that I featured in the April newsletter.  The feedback is that this concept is making a real difference in their classrooms with behaviour management programs. Children are starting to correct each other as they absorb and practise these important strategies.

Another concept I’ve been modelling with classes is that if someone apologises to them for hurting them, not to respond by saying, “It’s OK”.  What we practise saying is, “I accept your apology” but do not say it was in any way OK for that to have happened. It is not OK to be embarrassed or hurt or manipulated or frightened.

Unfortunately this photo doesn’t do justice to the fact I had to carry all my luggage and resources across the river to get out to Ngalapita.  It was very wide and running very fast.  Fortunately the principal’s husband from Noonkanbah and the principal from Ngalapita helped me.  I had my backpack on my back and my laptop over my head, then suddenly my legs were washed out from underneath me and I was going down fast.  Out of nowhere a hand grabbed my laptop, otherwise I would have lost the lot.  This is really taking Risking on Purpose to a whole new place.

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Product of the Month

With Child Protection Week starting on the 4th of September.

Silicon Wristband "Adult" 13-01
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Silicon Wristband "Child" 13-02
Price AUD$2.00 (inc. GST)

These brightly coloured green and purple wristbands are made of durable silicon. Stamped with the Theme ‘We all have the right to feel safe’ they are a visual reminder of our rights.  Sometimes in scary or uncertain situations something as simple as being able to look at a wristband and remember what it stands for can give children the confidence to apply their Protective Behaviours knowledge. 

Adults can wear a wristband to support their children, or to remind themselves that the first theme of Protective Behaviours applies to everyone.  They are also a great way to alert the whole community that the children are leaning Protective Behaviours.

I am very pleased to have Wooldridges working with me to get my products into schools and encourage everyone to support a company that helps independent publishers and embraces innovative new resources for teaching Abuse Prevention Education to children.

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Safe4Kids Training Programs

Holly-ann provides specialised training for teachers, childcare educators and parents to provide them with skills and practical ideas for teaching Protective Behaviours to children. You can begin to implement this program in your school, childcare centre or home with a basic training workshop - in two hours you can gain enough knowledge to immediately start teaching your children and begin modeling the language, concepts and strategies of Abuse Prevention Education.
Basic Training is a two hour professional development for teachers and childcare educators, presented by Holly-ann Martin as an introduction to her ten-week lesson plan.

Classroom Mentoring is also available for more detailed and practical training for teachers.

Parent Workshop is a two hour session packed with fantastic ideas for parents to begin practicing pro-active behaviour and language with their children at home.

Holly-ann is also available for customised in-house training and consulting by request.

If you would like more information about training, or would like to engage Holly-ann as a speaker at your event, please contact her directly at holly-ann@safe4kids.com.au