I have to apologise for the lack of newsletters over the last few months. I have been overseas speaking at the 17th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in San Diego.  While in the States Roger and I got married in Las Vegas on 16th of September, which is wonderful as he has been working with me since he gave up his job as the sponsorship manager with the Fremantle Dockers at Easter.

Since returning to Australia I’ve been back into communities in the Northern Territory and the Kimberly. Roger accompanied me on one visit into 3 communities in the Kimberly, and is really looking forward to being trained up so he can work with the men in these communities. Up until now I have been running the workshops with the men - which have been really well received and attended - but the women would feel more comfortable with a man running them. The men themselves don’t seem to have any difficulty with me speaking with them about this delicate and extremely confrontational subject.  Their response has been that they are glad their children are learning this valuable program and that they need to know what is being taught, and what they can do to participate, as these are their children too.

I learnt a great deal at the conference.  One of the main takeaways was the fact that most survivors of sexual abuse don't disclose for 20 years, which in America is a huge problem as they have the statute of limitations (which sets a maximum time that legal proceedings can be initiated after an event), which has usually lapsed by the time victims are ready to disclose. Fortunately, we don't have this problem in Australia, but I have also learned recently, after speaking to some police in the Northern Territory, that in Australia historical cases have to go back to what the law was at the time the offence was committed. The police quoted a case where back in 1985 digital penetration of a child was not considered a criminal offence.

This has just strengthened my resolve to keep teaching abuse prevention education.  We can’t let people carry these secrets for 20 years, some people keep them for longer, and some feel they have to take the secret to the grave.  We must give children the tools that if something has happened to them they have the language to disclose it and the confidence to believe it matters and that they will be assisted.  


Many of you know my crusade to educate the community on the effects of pornography on children. Please take 51 minutes to watch this amazing episode of ‘Insight’ and then if you have teenagers please watch it with them and have those conversations that just need to be aired.  You will find it confronting … but in this case ignorance is certainly not bliss.  I’ve seen first-hand the devastating and life changing effects of children watching porn.  It is too graphic for me to speak about in this forum, just trust me when I ask you to take the time to watch this program and then forward to your Networks.


Product of the Month: Hayden-Reece Learns a Valuable Lesson

I am promoting my new book again this month as it’s still the lesson most adults find hardest to talk to children about - which is what prompted me to write it in the first place. It is written in a direct instruction style but I’m hoping adults will be comfortable using it as a teaching tool.

Lauren feels unsafe at school when Hayden-Reece appears over the wall of the toilet she is using. She goes to tell her teacher, Miss Martin, who is a person on her Network. Miss Martin teaches her class the difference between Public and Private, and explains that no one should see or touch your private parts, and that Private means ‘Just for you’.

This book will help both parents and teachers explain this important subject so that children of all ages will understand the difference between public and private, and how that applies to them personally in their daily lives.

Price AUD$20.00 (inc. GST)

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Holly-ann provides specialised training for teachers, childcare educators and parents to provide them with skills and practical ideas for teaching Protective Behaviours to children. You can begin to implement this program in your school, childcare centre or home with a basic training workshop - in two hours you can gain enough knowledge to immediately start teaching your children and begin modeling the language, concepts and strategies of Abuse Prevention Education.
Basic Training is a two hour professional development for teachers and childcare educators, presented by Holly-ann Martin as an introduction to her ten-week lesson plan.

Classroom Mentoring is also available for more detailed and practical training for teachers.

Parent Workshop is a two hour session packed with fantastic ideas for parents to begin practicing pro-active behaviour and language with their children at home.

Holly-ann is also available for customised in-house training and consulting by request.

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