This month, as well as being incredibly busy having spent a wonderful week in Papunya, a week in Canberra at conferences and an inspiring week in Wiluna with teachers who are very keen to implement Protective Behaviours in their school,  I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended some amazing training myself.

I attended Yorgum’s Aboriginal Family Conference where Ron Fyneman A/Detective Snr Sargeant from the Intake and Assessment Interview Team gave some disturbing statistics.  As at 9:00am on the 10th of October, 2544 reports of Child Sexual Abuse were made to his Unit, this was from January to October.  They are receiving on average 215 reports a month and that is just in Western Australia.  We hear on the news how many road deaths there are a year and how many clandestine drug labs are busted, why isn’t anyone talking about this horrific figure?   We live in a society that for the most part does not correctly value its children, and this is why it is so necessary and important to teach children Protective Behaviours - and we need to start when the children are as young as possible.

I also attended a Cyber bullying talk which is a topic I’m always trying to keep up with.  The more I learn about Cyberspace the more I worry for young people.  Parents need to keep up with what is available out there and be aware of what sorts of things their children can get up to.  Unfortunately, only 6 people attended the workshop run by the Federal Police. This worries me greatly, and should be of major concern to any citizen, the room should have been packed with people who want to learn about the dangers facing their children and who want to learn what sorts of things they can be doing to help protect them.

Here are some useful sites you may like to take a look at.

ThinkUKnow has some great information, it is a multifaceted internet tool that can guide young and old. It has a report abuse button, on a range of subjects, that goes straight to the Federal Police, so that young people in particular can report online abuse as soon as they are aware of it.

These 2 You Tube clips are wonderful for talking with young people about sexting.  I hope you find these links useful.

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Product of the Month

Safe for Kids Parents Helping Hand Book
Safe for Kids Parents and Carers Helping Hand Book

These valuable resources give parents/teachers/facilitators/carers the language and means to discuss and reinforce Protective Behaviours themes with their children. 
Parents are sometimes unable to broach sensitive or confrontational subjects, that is why these practical handbooks contain a treasure-trove of information for helping you to teach your child to learn to keep themselves safe

Price AUD $12.95(inc. GST)

I highly recommend ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’. It is a fantastic new book that is beautifully illustrated and has really important messages for teaching children Protective Behaviours.  You can follow the link to their website.!/SomeSecretsShouldNeverBeKept


A wonderful free resource that is available to parents is a book called ‘Talk soon, talk often’.  This is a guide which enables parents to speak with children about the sensitive subject of sex, and the conversation starts at birth.  Some parents may find it hard to have these conversations with their children, but just keep in mind that if you don’t talk with them about it, there are plenty of other people who will.  Do you want them having those conversations with others and not getting the right messages or worse? According to a recent study of 3000 young adults aged 13 to 17, 70% said they were learning sex education from watching pornography.  This is an alarming fact and is one of the important reasons whyparents need to speak with their children about sex and related subjects.


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I am very pleased to have Wooldridges working with me to get my products into schools and encourage everyone to support a company that helps independent publishers and embraces innovative new resources for teaching Abuse Prevention Education to children.

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Safe4Kids Training Programs

Holly-ann provides specialised training for teachers, childcare educators and parents to provide them with skills and practical ideas for teaching Protective Behaviours to children. You can begin to implement this program in your school, childcare centre or home with a basic training workshop - in two hours you can gain enough knowledge to immediately start teaching your children and begin modeling the language, concepts and strategies of Abuse Prevention Education.
Basic Training is a two hour professional development for teachers and childcare educators, presented by Holly-ann Martin as an introduction to her ten-week lesson plan.

Classroom Mentoring is also available for more detailed and practical training for teachers.

Parent Workshop is a two hour session packed with fantastic ideas for parents to begin practicing pro-active behaviour and language with their children at home.

Holly-ann is also available for customised in-house training and consulting by request.

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