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The Protecting Kids Board Game


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Our Protecting Kids Board Game is a versatile assessment tool. It can be used by teachers, educators and parents as a starting point to determine a child’s existing knowledge and skills of protective behaviours. It can also be used to assess a child’s comprehension of the principles of protective behaviours after they have received this important education. Teachers, educators and parents can select the appropriate protective behaviours and feelings questions and scenarios to suit the comprehension level of the children in their care.

The Protecting Kids Board Game includes:

  • 30 Protective behaviours question cards
  • 30 Protective behaviours scenario cards
  • 30 Feeling question cards
  • 30 Feelings scenario cards
  • Game board
  • Dice
  • Markers
  • Instructions

Examples of protective behaviours questions:

  • Which “No’ would you use if someone asked you to steal a chocolate bar?
  • Is it OK to say “NO” to an adult?
  • If someone was at the swimming pool and their mum or dad was late picking them up, what could they do?
  • How long do you keep a secret that makes you feel funny in the tummy and gives you your Early Warning Signs?
  • Do you have to kiss all your relatives?

Examples of feelings questions:

  • What might make someone feel surprised (negative)?
  • What might make someone feel worried?
  • What might make someone feel shame?
  • If someone wet their pants, how do you think they might feel?
  • If someone started swimming lessons, how do you think they might feel?