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Hayden-Reece Learns What To Do if Children See Private Pictures or Private Movies


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Miss Martin teaches her class what to do if they come across “private pictures” or “private movies” (pornography). She explains, in age-appropriate language, what private pictures and private movies are, and the law regarding viewing them.

Miss Martin gives the children clear instructions on what to do if they see private pictures or private movies. She then explains what the potential impact of viewing these pictures and movies can have on their developing brains.

A few days later, Hayden-Reece comes across a private movie while watching Minecraft videos. He knows straight away what it is, but doesn’t tell his mum. He thinks his mum will take away his tablet.

After having nightmares, Hayden-Reece finally tells his mum about it, and she doesn’t take away his device. Instead, she sits down and talks to him about what he has seen.

Why talk about private pictures and movies?

The author, Holly-ann Martin, has over 30 years’ experience in teaching protective behaviours. She wanted to help parents, carers, teachers and educators discuss with their children how pornography can harm them. She also wanted to help them teach children what to do if they see pornographic images.

In this story, Holly-ann does not use the word pornography. Instead, she uses the terms “private pictures” and “private movies”. This is our age-appropriate approach when educating children about this sensitive topic.

Through her work teaching body safety education to children in schools, Holly-ann found that more and more children were telling her they had viewed private pictures and movies on the internet. Some of it extremely graphic.

The children had come across these pictures and movies on supposedly child-friendly video sharing sites such as YouTube. They had not gone looking for pornography, nor had they reported it to a trusted adult. They did not report it out of fear their devices would be taken away or they would get into trouble.

Holly-ann also recognised that some adults didn’t have the confidence, skills or language to discuss this topic with children. They were struggling to talk about the negative impact of pornography with the children in their care. They were also fearful of saying something wrong or drawing children’s attention to pornography when they hadn’t seen it yet.

What’s included in the book?

This book is for parents, carers, teachers and educators to read to children and to talk with them about body safety in a fun and safe way.

It contains the following:

  • An information section for parents, carers and teachers (in the back of the book)
  • Instructions on what to do if children see pornography
  • Discussion questions to have with your children to see if they have understood the fundamental concepts in the story
  • Information about the Safe4Kids child abuse prevention education program. This program covers the main points of protective education
  • Specific information on how to effectively and efficiently deal with receiving a disclosure of abuse from a child

This is the third book in a series of books in which Miss Martin teaches her students about protective behaviours. It is suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years.

International customers, a paperback version is available on Amazon. Click here to order your copy.

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