Child Protection Education and Training

The child protection education and training we provide is up-to-date and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Whether it is a parents information session, professional development for teachers, childcare educators, or agency staff, or, in-class modelling of protective behaviours lessons, each training session can be tailored to include content specific to your needs.

Holly-ann Martin is the Managing Director of Safe4Kids and delivers all the child protection education training for our company. With over 30 years experience in teaching child abuse prevention education, Holly-ann can draw on a wealth of knowledge to provide you with valuable information and strategies that you can implement straight away to help protect the children in your lives.

Child protection education is a sensitive topic and parents, carers, teachers and educators can find it quite daunting when faced with the challenge of having to teach it to their children. Where do you start? The training we provide is not full of theory or information designed to leave you scared witless; it is specifically designed, so you have the confidence and tools to start teaching this valuable information to the children in your care, straight away. We even have an online parents information course so parents and carers can learn these valuable skills in the comfort of their own home.

Holly-ann's background is teaching children with special needs, and she has a real passion for ensuring these children receive this vital information. The training we provide in this area is evolving all the time. It is essential teachers are given the training and tools to deliver these body safety messages at the appropriate level the children can comprehend. We have designed a complete protective education program for children aged from three to seven years and for children with special needs, to help teach these children.

Another training area we specialise in is the delivery of child abuse prevention education in Aboriginal communities. For the past ten years, Holly-ann has delivered the Safe4Kids program in remote Aboriginal communities across Australia, particularly in the Central Desert (Northern Territory) and the Kimberely region of Western Australia. Holly-ann has built a solid rapport with these communities, which is evident by being invited back on multiple occasions to continue the delivery of the Safe4Kids Program.

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