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Parents’ Information Course

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Our Parent Information Course is an online course for busy parents, carers, and family members unable to attend our parents’ information workshops.

Course content

This online course covers information on how to teach your children protective behaviours. It is delivered via a series of small videos. You can work your way through the information at your leisure in the comfort of your home or office.

Some of the topic covered include how to:

  • explain to your child the difference between ‘Telling and Dobbing’.
  • engage in more active listening with your children.
  • enable your child to set up a ‘Safety Team’ of five trusted adults.
  • explain to your child the role of the Police is to help keep us safe.
  • communicate to your children the importance of persisting in ‘Telling’ if they feel unsafe.
  • instruct your children on the correct anatomical names for their Private Body Parts.
  • engage your children in conversation about the impact of pornography.
  • explain to your children that they can say ‘NO’ to anyone if they feel unsafe.
  • communicate to your child the importance of asking themselves the ‘Three Safety Question’.
  • explain to your child the difference between ‘Good/Safe’ and ‘Bad/Unsafe’ secrets.
  • respond to a child’s disclosure of abuse.

This online version of our parent information workshop includes some fantastic bonuses not available in our face-to-face training.

Our Parent’s Information Course is excellent value at $47.00.

An external provider hosts all our courses on an online course platform.

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