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Below are links to both written and video testimonials from parents and carers.

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“I have been lucky enough to read the incredible books written by Holly-ann Martin and can’t recommend them highly enough. Adults can often be unsure about how to discuss this subject with children in their care. These books will change that and provide a catalyst for open and safe discussions. Thank you Holly-ann for the incredible and much-needed work you’re doing.”

Marie Yates‎

“Wow thank you so much to all the parents and staff that turned up last night …amazing safe4kids should be in every school. Holly-ann makes something that schools & parents aren’t sure how to talk about …simple, fun & empowering … With a whole school, parent & community approach our kids will have the power to feel safe .. Thank you Safe4kids.”

Sarah Macpherson

“Really great session. Very enlightening. The hubby and I are really glad we came and will definitely spread the word. Thank you for everything you do to keeping kids safe.”

Lisa Silvester Tresise

“Thank you so much Holly-Ann and to the Edgewater P&C for bringing this to our school. Recommend it to all schools who have an interest in keeping our kids safe.”

Megan Croft

“Thank you for opening our eyes, ears and minds about keeping our children safe !!! Thank you!”

Veronique Vince

“Was such an informative session!!! Thanks so much for all you managed to teach us in a short space of time!! Will definitely be spreading the word.”

Laura Gallagher

“It was a pleasure to attend Holly. 2 intense hours of essential parenting information. Thought I knew about Protective Behaviours before the workshop but was shocked to know how little I actually did. My kids are loving the books that are a great way to start talking about the subject with them. I urge every parent to attend. You will not be disappointed.”

Sally Armitage

“We love the care, attention and dedication that you have with our extra special kids and the support you give to the staff. Your such an amazing person to be with. Thank you.”

Caroline Treloar

” I am firstly a mum and a foster mum, I have 3 biological children and currently care for my 4 nieces and nephew.  They came into my care and like many DCP children no one really had any idea on what had happened to these children, it fast became apparent to me and others in my support network that there was more to this than just physical abuse.  So I started to look for things and ways that I could firstly protect my children but also to help protect my extras.  It was hard nothing really hit the head of the nail, so to speak, either the language used was way over the top or it was just really stupid.  Then I was lucky enough to attend the Foster Carers Conference and sat in on the Safe 4 Kids seminar and wow that was exactly what I was looking for clear precise and it could meet the needs of all my children.

So I listened eagerly and then purchased as much information as I could and went home and studied it and yes I did make a few small changes to suit all the kids that I cared for because that is the difficult thing too, to make it ok for kids who have already been exposed to sexual abuse but also make it ok to my children who haven’t been.  Then came educating my partner and family who had contact with all my children.  

We persisted and the Safe4Kids language fast became our language around the house and it has became a way of life, so much so that my 4 year old at the time went up to a boy in the supermarket who was wearing pants in which you could see his bonds underwear and quite boldly say with the thumbs down action ” I can see you Private things that is for at home only”  I have never seen a boy pull his pants up so fast.

But what I really wanted to tell you is that because of this it has helped my children, not to get into it too much but one of the foster children was still trying to regulate their behaviour and through no fault of their own was encouraging and tried to show sexual behaviours to one of my biological children.  But because my child had the tools they knew about early warning signs and private and public they knew it wasn’t right so quickly spoke to someone on their safe hand and then we were able to deal with it.  Yes it was hard but we are now over the worse of it this happened a year ago and now I have all 7 of my children living safely and happily together.  I have no hesitation about leaving my children and I know they have the ability to deal with and keep themselves safe, and as a parent what more can you ask for.

So I just wanted to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart you have helped me and my family and community to better deal with this horrific abuse, but deal with it in a way that we can all manage.  I think this should be taught openly in all school and I will be doing my utmost to do that because this abuse cycle that my kids were involved in stops now it stops here with my children, their children will not be exposed to abuse and if they are I know that they will have the tools and voice to deal with it.

Thanks for the words and my extreme gratitude”


“We organised a weekend parent workshop with Holly-ann through our local Mum & Bub group and really appreciated the casual atmosphere and interactive approach. Naturally, the numbers and stories that are being presented are nauseating which sadly keeps too many people from attending these workshops. I guess I had never really thought about the ‘little things’ that parents should be mindful of from early on, so immensely grateful to Holly-ann for raising awareness and for taking the time to answer my zillion questions. I hope more parents realise that they can help bring those shocking numbers down.”


“I saw you two years ago and you made a big impact on my life. My husband and I have done your online course and it’s an important discussion amongst family and friends. You are reaching people everywhere. You have such an important message. It takes someone very special to dedicate their life to something as important as this. Thank you Holly. So many children now have the skills and knowledge to protect themselves.”

Bianca Crosby



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