Child Protection Education Professional Development Training for Teachers

We conduct professional development training for teachers all over Australia and internationally. On average we train around 1,000 teachers per year. Many education departments across Australia now require some form of child abuse prevention education be taught to children, and have compulsory reporting requirements on what has been delivered.

It is a sensitive topic. Some teachers are comfortable delivering this education and others find it quite difficult and confronting. We understand what it is like, and can provide you with the inspiration and confidence to teach children abuse prevention education.

Holly-ann Martin delivers all the training for Safe4Kids and has over 30 years experience in teaching child abuse prevention education. Holly will walk you through an overview of a 10-week lesson plan to help get you started. This summary is not a complete program with detailed lessons and activities. It is designed to help you on your way, and in many cases compliments the existing detailed child protection education curricula that state and territory education departments may already have.

Holly will show you how to teach protective behaviours and body safety across the whole curriculum and integrate it into all learning areas. The idea is not to make this another subject you have to teach! Once you and your students have internalised the language and concepts, you will find incidental teaching moments will arise throughout the year. This incidental teaching of the program is the most meaningful and powerful way students learn and reinforces the critical concepts of protective education.

Teachers throughout Australia are mandatory reporters and need to participate in training on how to make a report if they form a belief, or suspicion on reasonable grounds, that a child has been, or is being abused or neglected. But no one has told you what to say to a child if they confide in you and discloses they have suffered sexual abuse. As a teacher, this can be very confronting! What do you tell them?

In this training, Holly will give you a straightforward script to learn, so you will have the right words that will not only help provide reassurance for the child but will also help you through this challenging situation.

The professional development training for teachers is two hours. At the end of the two hours, teachers will feel more confident and walk away with tools and strategies they need to enable them to start teaching protective behaviours and body safety to their students.

We also offer a whole day training where participants have the chance to delve deeper into the concepts of child abuse prevention education and look at different learning activities which will help teachers develop a thorough understanding of the program. There is also an option for Holly to conduct in-class modelling of the lessons, so teachers can see how this vital education is delivered to the children and students.

For more detailed information and to discuss your specific training requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!


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