In-Class Modelling of Child Protection Education Lessons

After teachers and educators have attended the two-hour professional development training, there is an option for schools and childcare settings to see how the child abuse prevention education lessons are taught to the children and students.

Holly-ann Martin delivers all the training for Safe4Kids and has over 30 years experience in teaching child abuse prevention education. Holly will come into your classroom or childcare setting and model the lessons for you. Some teachers and educators may not feel confident or comfortable delivering this education or even find it a little confronting, or worry about how the children and students will deal with the content. Through the process of in-class modelling, Holly will make you feel more at ease and confident to deliver this vital education, and hopefully motivate and inspire you to internalise the language and concepts of protective behaviours so that you can use it in your everyday teaching.

In schools, Holly will spend a full day modelling 6 x 45-minute lessons and discuss with you how to teach protective behaviours and body safety across the whole curriculum and integrate it into all learning areas. Teachers can choose any of the lessons they would like to see modelled from the 10-week lesson plan overview. Teachers will receive a copy of the 10-week lesson plan overview at the professional development training. The lesson plan overview is not a complete program with detailed lessons and activities. It is designed to help you on your way, and in many cases compliments the existing detailed child protection education curricula that state and territory education departments may already have. Depending on the size of your school, you may need more than one day of in-class modelling, so all teachers can see how the child protection education lessons are delivered.

In childcare settings, Holly will spend a whole day modelling the lessons and activities from the Safe4Kids Protective Education Program – This program is one of the most comprehensive child abuse prevention education programs available and is designed specifically for early years educators in childcare settings, and primary school teachers. The program is appropriate for children aged from three to seven years, and for children with special needs – Educators can choose any of the lessons and activities they would like to see modelled from the Safe4Kids Protective Education Program.

For more detailed information about in-class modelling of lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!


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